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Precedent-Changing Legal Cases with Our Ottawa Law Firm

Harbic Law has provided the defence in many landmark cases of national and international significance, examples of these follow. Although all of these cases are matters of public record only the clients initials are referred to out of respect for their privacy.

R v R.B. (1979), Rape case where fraud vitiates consent featured in "National Lampoon" magazine application brought to question jury as to racism.[1]


R v R.S. (1982), One of the very first constitutional challenges to a section of federal legislation.[2]


R v L.B. (1984), First successful Charter challenge at Appellate court level in Canadian history.[3]


R v G.A. (1986), Successful appeal to Appeal Court on similar fact evidence. [4]


R v E.B. (1987), Jury finds client not guilty on false allegations of rape.[5]


R v C.L. (1991), Ontario Court invokes Charter in staying historical sexual assault.[6]


R v R.D. (1991), Barbarella strip club murder charges where accused convicted of reduced charge of manslaughter.[7]


R v P.R. (1991), Sexual Assault charges stayed due to denial of client's right to trial without delay.[8]


R v C.H. (1990), First successful "marijuana for Iquana defence" featured on NBC's "Current Affairs" [9]


R v G.P. & C.M. (1992), Police officer acquitted of Obstruction of Justice.[10]


R v M.R. (1993), Defence Counsel praised by trial judge as a "knight in shining armour who has done his usual fantastic job" on behalf of his client.[11]


R v B.C. (1994), "J.R. Dallas Bar" Gatineau lover triangle shooting trial ends with second degree murder.[12]


R v P.C. (1996), Infamous " Seven Hill Road body parts" double murder case in Caledonia.[13]


R v R.T. (1996), First "Cumberland Murder Trial" -longest murder trial in Canadian legal history[14]


R v A.P. (1999), "Vanier inferno murder" trial goes to Supreme court of Canada on reasonable doubt.[15]

R v M.C. (2000), First double murder acquittals of the new millennium.[16]

R v C.H. (2000), Alleged "madam" found not guilty of running sex escort service.[17]

R v J.D. (2002), Arson murder acquittals in Lanark County.[18]

R v B.J. (2004), Accused confession ruled inadmissible due to police misconduct during questioning.[19]

R v J.B. (2007), Acquittal in Vanier stabbing homicide.[20]

R v J.W.F. (2007), Jury take less than 10 minutes to acquit client accused of sexual assault.[21]

R v J.F. (2008), Accused with "Asperger Syndrome" acquitted of criminal harassment.[22]

R v D.M. (2008), Client acquitted in international cyberspace "child pornography" case.[23]

R v A &F.& al (2009), Court of Appeal upholds illegality of police search & stay of drug charges.[24]

R v S.S. (2012), Baffin Island money laundering trial in Iqaluit, Nunavut.[25]

R v T.P. (2012), Conditional sentence for repeat offender of multiple crack cocaine trafficking charges.[26]

R v M.A. (2012), "911 call heard around the world" results in acquittal on sexual assault charges.[27]

R v K.R. (2012), Acquittal in By Town Market arson trial.[28]

R v R.S. (2012), CEO of company acquitted on corruption charges by Quebec jury.[29]

R v S.D. (2013), Physician client acquitted of failure to provide necessities of life.[30]

R v A.A. (2013), Teen acquitted of "human trafficking".[31]


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