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Increase Your Chances of Finding Work & Permanent Residence in Canada

Many persons with a criminal conviction find it difficult to find work or rent an apartment. Although the laws have changed to exclude the possibility of an official pardon, Harbic Law can help you to live a more productive and functional lifestyle by receiving a criminal suspension.

Exceptional Skill

"In court your presentation displayed complete knowledge and exceptional skill for my defence resulting in my eventual acquittal…."

G.P., Police officer

Income Tax Act and Customs and Excise Act Violations

The Income Tax Act and Customs and Excise Act convictions can result in very serious consequences. All persons who are charged with breaching these statutes should be represented by lawyers who have the necessary experience and knowledge in this area of criminal law. Harbic Law has an excellent record of providing legal representation for clients who are confronted by Canada Revenue Agency.


We Can Help

Harbic Law is able to assist you to obtain a suspension of your criminal record to enable you to secure employment, security clearance, and housing.

Free Consultation - Contact Harbic Law for a Free Half-Hour Consultation

Free Consultation

For a free half-hour consultation regarding a criminal suspension— contact Harbic Law today to speak with a lawyer.

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