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Understanding Canada’s Federal & Provincial Regulatory Offences

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There is Justice for Rich and Poor!

"There is justice after all for rich and poor! Thank you so much for what you do and being there when I needed you".

J.B., Labourer, 23/4/07

A modern democracy, such as Canada, unfortunately requires numerous laws and regulations to enable the proper functioning of society. Individuals and corporations who are alleged to have breached any of these statutes require experienced defence counsel to ensure their rights are protected. Harbic Law has both the experience and knowledge to appear before both the courts and administrative tribunals on such charges.

Free Consultation

If you or your company has been charged with Federal or Provincial Regulatory Offences, Harbic Law invites you to discuss your case during a free half-hour consultation. To schedule your free consultation please contact us today. Such a meeting may very well conclude with our recommendation to just pay the minimum fine or to contest the allegations where it is appropriate to do so. Often, we are able to negotiate a reasonable and acceptable resolution on behalf of our clients.

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