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"Perhaps the loneliest and most frightening moment an individual may experience is when he finds himself in the docket charged with a crime, facing a prosecutor who is committed to convicting him. Often, he has already been condemned by the media and abandoned by friends and family. Only one person stands by his side-his defence lawyer, who must use all of her or his skills to ensure the client's constitutional rights are protected no matter how heinous the allegations against him."

J. Harbic, Ottawa Citizen, Page A17, February 2, 2001


Harbic Law

Office: 613-235-4365

Home: 613-738-4721

Cell: 613-262-3703

Fax: 613-688-1212




To Contact Harbic Law by Mail:

Suite 704, 200 Elgin Street,

Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5

(Across the street from the Superior Court of Ontario court house.)


Service Area

Although  Harbic Law is one of the few National Law Firms that represents clients in criminal courts at all levels, across Canada. Eastern Ontario is our home base and primary focus. This includes courts in Ottawa, Renfrew, Pembroke, Brockville, L'Orignal, Cornwall, Morrisburg Prescott, Killaloe, Kemptville, Alexandria, Perth, Smith Falls, and Sharbot Lake.



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We are accessible 24 hours a day.
For after hours and weekends, please call 613‑738‑4721 or 613‑262‑3703.

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Criminal Law Services - Learn about the Legal Services of Harbic Law

Harbic Law

Since 1978,  Harbic Law has successfully defended over 11,000 persons accused of both minor and serious criminal charges. It is one of the very few law firms in Eastern Ontario to have actually won multiple acquittals in homicide cases.


JAMES HARBIC, B.A., J.D., C.S. is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Criminal Litigation. His son, ROBERT HARBIC, B.A.(Hon.) BSoc. Sc., LLB also works within our team of barristers, solicitors, and notaries.


Harbic Law is a national criminal law defence firm. It has a proven record of providing excellent professional representation to persons charged with all provincial and federal offences at all court levels across Canada in both official languages. Learn more about our Trial Lawyers.


Private Investigators

Often police investigations suffer from tunnel vision, oversight, human error, and faulty analysis. It is therefore essential to a successful defence to have police investigations fully reviewed to determine whether any relevant evidence has been overlooked or misinterpreted. Harbic Law has readily available experienced and skilled investigators to assist in the defence of its clients.


Experts & Forensic Sciences

A very respected jurist once stated that physical evidence is often very compelling, since unlike witnesses, it does not suffer from human frailties or prejudices, it does not have an agenda, it just waits to be collected and interpreted by experts.


Over the years many advances have been made in medicine and in many of the sciences that can be of great assistance to the courts in attempting to understand what has happened often many years before.


Harbic Law uses only the best experts in all fields to assist in the defence of its clients, including but not limited to chemists, actuaries, forensic accountants, pathologists, physicians, psychiatrists, firearm experts, engineers, arson experts, document examiners, linguists, dentists, and blood splatter analysts.


Initial Free Consultation/Harbic Law Fees Policy

Defending against a prosecution brought by the government is a very serious matter, requiring careful preparation. It is our view that all charged persons are entitled to a vigorous and effective defence. During an initial free consultation one of the issues addressed are expectations including retainer. Harbic Law's fees are reasonable and flexible. The firm accepts legal aid cases and has a pro bono program for those who do not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford the usual legal defence costs.


Ici on Parle Français

Toutes personnes au Canada a le droit d'avoir un procès soit en Français; soit en Anglais; La firme juridique " Harbic Law" va vous représenter dans la langue Françoise au Quebec, en Ontario et partout dans le Canada.


If you have been criminally charged and need legal representation please contact Harbic Law today for a free half-hour consultation to discuss the details of your case.


Professional Associations

Harbic Law is a proud member of the Ontario Bar Association, Amnesty International, Defence Council Association of Ottawa, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, The Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies, County of Carleton Law Association and Canadian Bar Association.

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